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Reclaiming Democracy

DATE: Thursday, September 24th, 1pm EST

TITLE: “Peaceful Revolution? Reclaiming Democracy in Belarus”

Sofie Bedford (Uppsala U, Sweden)
Anton Dinerstein (U of Massachusetts, Amherst, US)
Hanna Vasilevich (Europa-Universitat Flensburg, Germany)

Moderator: David Marples (U of Alberta, Canada)

After an Election Day in Belarus marred with fraud and violations the official results declared Aleksandr Lukashenka President for a sixth term. Belarusian people rushed to the streets in unprecedented numbers to contest the results and have been protesting for over a month. What made this election so different? Will these protests bring real change to the Belarusian political landscape? This panel will discuss current political events in Belarus in a context of political, cultural, and civil processes undergirding the current crisis.