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Yellow Star, Red Star

A Roundtable on Jelena Subotić’ book Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance after Communism (Cornell University Press 2019) 

October 15th, 2020

Jelena Subotić’s insightful study on memory politics in the Balkans and Baltics, Yellow Star, Red Star has been awarded the Rothschild’s Prize by the Association for the Study of Nationalities. Yellow Star, Red Star analyzes how Eastern European states’ adoption and participation in the Western narrative of the Holocaust created tension and resentment in the post-communist states. Subotić’s account of Holocaust remembrance in Serbia, Croatia, and Lithuania reveals how the attempted reconciliation of the Holocaust with crimes of communism has resulted in a memory politics that is used as a tactic to resolve contemporary concerns with identity and status in the international order. How does memory politics shape a state’s position in the international order? Why has Holocaust remembrance been used for this purpose in Eastern European states, and what are the implications of such use of remembrance? This panel will answer such questions and more.


Moderator and organizer: Florian Bieber, University of Graz, Austria