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Virtual ASN is a global online academic platform linking scholars, students, and members of the broader public interested in questions of nationalism and ethnicity with a regional focus on Europe and Eurasia. It provides opportunities for scholars to share knowledge and expertise on pressing issues, and to strengthen their own research and teaching skills. Virtual ASN brings together and fosters a worldwide community: From a Distance. Together. 

Next Event: November 19, 12pm ET

BOOK PANEL: Offshore Citizens. Permanent Temporary Status in the Gulf (Cambridge University Press 2019)

Noora Lori’s book, Offshore Citizens: Permanent “Temporary” Status (Cambridge University Press 2019) examines the forces shaping citizenship policy in the United Arab Emirates. The Gulf States rely on a complex matrix of residence rules to manage their huge and diverse pool of migrant labor. Using archival and ethnographic materials, this study challenges accepted citizenship taxonomies and asks important questions about a relationship between the state and its subjects. 

Offshore Citizens was awarded the 2020 Best Book Prize from the Migration and Citizenship section of the American Political Science Association. Lori completed her dissertation at Johns Hopkins University and is an assistant professor of international relations at Boston University.

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Participants:  Noora Lori (Boston U) Oxana Shevel (Tufts U, commentator).  Organized by Peter Rutland (Wesleyan U).